Why pay for the services of professional translators rather than use a free automatic service?

Automatic translation is offered as a free service over the Internet and is performed without human intervention. The resulting text is never a reliable translation of the original, but is rather an approximation which only gives a rough idea of the overall content of the text. However, if you hire the services offered by Tick Translations®, you will be guaranteed a perfect, professional translation. Don’t put your company’s image at risk!

Who translates at Tick Translations®?

Exclusively highly qualified professionals who translate into their native languages.

What type of texts does Tick Translations® translate?

All types of texts and formats in any language combination.

What types of interpreting services does Tick Translations® offer?

We offer simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and liaison interpreting services.

Can Tick Translations® carry out sworn translations?

Yes, we can provide you with a translation that is signed, stamped and certified by a sworn translator.

How long does a translation take?

On average, a professional translator can translate around 2500 words a day. Administration time must be added to this, along with time for proofreading and, if required, formatting work.

How should I send the documents to be translated, and how will they be returned?

You can choose to send us your documents however best suits you: by email, FTP (ours or yours), courier service, fax, postal service, etc. We will send the finished translation back to you by your preferred method of delivery.

Can I track the progress of the project once it has been started?

Yes, at any time during the execution of the work, you can check the status of the project online. To do this, a user name and password will be given to you to access the exclusive “Client Area” created for this very purpose.

Can I request that changes be made once I have sent you the documents?

Yes, but bear in mind that any changes in content or style may incur additional charges.

Can I be assured of confidentiality?

If the text to be translated contains confidential information, we guarantee, contractually upon request, total confidentiality in handling the information which you entrust to us.

Does Tick Translations® guarantee the quality of its translations?

Yes, we guarantee every translation carried out by our translators. If you are not satisfied with any of our translations, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of our work.

How is the cost of my project calculated?

The following factors are taken into account:

  1. The number of words in the original documents
  2. The source and target languages
  3. The degree of specialisation of the text to be translated
  4. Whether proof-reading or formatting services are required
  5. Whether the translation is required urgently

What is our translation methodology?

This is how we process your translations:

  1. You send us the documents to be translated by email or by uploading them to our internal FTP service through our website.
  2. We prepare your quote with an estimated delivery date.
  3. If you accept the conditions, you simply confirm by email or fax.
  4. Tick Translations® will immediately select the ideal professional or team of professionals to carry out the assignment. The linguists assigned to the project are determined by their experience and field of expertise.
  5. Once the first process of translation is finished, it goes through the proofreading process. In the case of specialised translations, they undergo two revisions: first a grammar check (for syntax, morphology, vocabulary and semantics), and then an expert in the area checks the content of the translation. Additionally, if the document contains illustrations or graphics and needs to be a mirror image of the original, the services of an expert graphic designer will be enlisted to ensure that design and format are kept as required.
  6. The translation then goes through our in-house quality assessment. In other words, two or three different quality controls follow the initial translation process in order to guarantee a final product of the highest possible quality.
  7. Finally, the translation and final invoice are sent to you, with a 100% quality guarantee on the final product.