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La maleta de las maneras

Are you sure you are completely prepared to interact with other cultures?

This is ideal for understanding the usefulness of Cross-cultural solutions and how to implement them, learning about cultural dimensions and optimising inter-cultural communication and negotiation techniques.

Before flying to

Do you have to travel on business to a certain country and you do not know where to start?

You need to be focused on finding out all the key information about a country before travelling. Are you thinking about doing business in Saudi Arabia? Do you need to know how they express themselves, how to address and greet people, what their customs are, and so on? Learn to handle cultural differences and communication.

Effective Negotiations in…

Do you want to learn all you can about negotiation techniques in the country you are selling to?

The service will provide you with knowledge of the business culture in the country you are planning to travel to. You will learn how to handle cultural and communication differences and will acquire the most accurate knowledge of negotiation techniques, depending on the culture and customs of the country you are to visit.

Cross Cultural Management per Business Area

Do you need to improve the inter-cultural communication of your business departments in order to achieve your objectives?

We can help you develop the key skills you need to communicate more effectively, taking cultural diversity into account, and in this way, you will be able to reach the goals of your various company departments (human resources, marketing, sales and executive).

Protocol around the world

Do you wish to have more effective communication with your international associates?

This is the perfect solution for the various forms of communication with other cultures is: how to behave, how to sell, how to negotiate, how to greet people, what manners are correct and accepted, what is the basic information you need, and so on. The aim of all of this is to achieve effective communication.

Before establishing in…

Are you planning to set up an activity in another country?

Something that is indispensable for establishing your company in another country successfully, on time and at an affordable cost for the company, is advice on legal, administrative, bureaucratic and labour matters.