proofreading Editing and proofreading

We offer editing and proofreading services in all languages, with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and image of your personal or professional communications.  

Linguistic advice Linguistic advice

We help resolve specific linguistic doubts about specialised topics in any field (business, technical, scientific, legal etc.).

We can consult by telephone, Skype or email.

Desktop publishing Desktop publishing

We offer a complete and comprehensive translation service. Our formatting and editing department work with a wide range of formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Quark, Pagemaker, Corel, AutoCAD, Illustrator and FreeHand) to offer the best end product.

videos Video subtitling

We offer a video subtitling service in all languages. We can work from text or audio files, or both.

Our working system guarantees the highest quality service, as we employ professionals who specialise in each of the stages of the subtitling process and we also use specific software for this type of project.


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