We want to accompany you in your international expansion process, and become your global, linguistic and cultural partner, in order to aid you in all your communication needs. We will strive to ensure your message is adapted to different markets and cultures, thus providing an important competitive advantage, because we want to contribute to the growth of your company and help you achieve great business success.

Do not take chances with the image of your company!

At Tick Translations®, we are ready to solve any specific communication need for the target market you wish to communicate with, and for its culture.

We Open Up New Horizons

Wherever your business takes you, Tick Translations® will help you to successfully achieve your expansion into new countries and markets.

Your Language Partner

Tick Translations® provides a response to the multilingual communication needs generated by the international market. Thanks to our global network of professional translators, we offer a comprehensive translation and interpreting service in any language.

What do you know about the Chinese concept of guanxi?

What is a chaebol in South Korea?

How would you greet somebody in Saudi Arabia?

Why may it be bad manners to finish all the food on your plate in China?

Why is astrology so important in India when it comes to business?

It is not enough to speak the language or have an interpreter in order to do business successfully in a foreign country, it is also essential to know the customs of the local culture, because conduct is also communication, not just what we say.

Business is done between people, and therefore, being familiar with the culture of the other person is vital in order to be able to interpret their behaviour, and can be a key factor in the success of a negotiation.

We present our Cultural Connections consulting services, for executives and entrepreneurs who need solutions so as to handle cultural negotiations with confidence and to succeed in their export business.

Always, courtesy of the best experts in every country.

At Tick Translations®, we Want to Become your Global Partner