A professional translation of the website for your business and marketing materials


A professional translation of the website for your business and marketing materials

A professional translation of the website for your business and marketing materials 768 512 Tick Translations

A professional translation of the website for your business and marketing materials: a successful customer acquisition strategy

Nowadays, as a result of the booming digital world, more and more companies are requesting the services of translation agencies for their websites, the e-commerce of their businesses and their marketing and advertising materials.

But why is a professional translation service necessary for your website and marketing materials?

According to recent studies, a website with translation errors (when describing the products and services and outlining the shipping and payment conditions) has been found to lead to a sales volume 40% lower than that achieved by a website with well-translated and adapted texts.

The same study reveals that 80% of Spanish companies that require translations of their websites request them in English, followed by French, German and Russian. Within the Spanish market, the languages that are most in demand are, in order of volume, Catalan, Basque and Galician, which shows that many companies also regard fully connecting with their domestic customers as highly important.

There are several reasons why Spanish companies choose to hire professional website translation services and rule out automatic translations, but most importantly they want to ensure that the original message is conveyed in its entirety and that it contains no spelling or grammatical errors.

Similarly, the corporate image should be borne in mind, as a well-translated website conveys a sense of professionalism and clarity of communication, thus demonstrating the efforts and time devoted to connecting with their customers.

  • The original texts have to be adapted to the linguistic standards and culture of the target language or country.
  • The tone and style of the information should be suited to the technical models and requirements of the target audience or market.
  • All the graphic and multimedia elements should be modified to meet the demands of linguistic and cultural communication.
  • The format of the website must be taken into account, as it must be compatible with the original graphic layout. Similarly, we must meet the requirements to achieve the right positioning in directories, search engines and mobile devices.

In the case of marketing materials, their translation is a key element, given that a company showcases and sells its products and services to different users and markets by means of these resources. The market factor is particularly important, as the translator must research and understand the market to ensure that the translation of the message is aligned with the idea of the original text.

It is also important to bear in mind that marketing and advertising texts tend to be more creative and original, sometimes with figurative use of language. This means that they have to be adapted by using colloquial expressions in the different languages.

If your business offers its products or services to markets with different traditions or if you’re seeking to expand into them, you should consider using specialist translators for the website for your business and marketing materials.

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