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Multicultural Marketing

Wherever you want to take your company, Tick Translations will help you to successfully face the challenge of expanding into new countries and markets.

Our expert linguists specialised in marketing will ensure your brand, product or service is well-positioned in international markets and your campaign is a success, with maximum security and quality guaranteed.




Cultural Consultancy: We put our Cultural Consultants at your disposal, providing your team with all the information you need for sound marketing and business decision-making.


Transcreation and adaptation of advertising texts:Transcreation is a creative translation that takes into account the culture of the country to which the message is addressed so that it generates the same emotional response that is intended in the original language.
In marketing, for example, the transcreation of advertising slogans is key to making an impact on the audience of the target country.


Online brand monitoring: We monitor your brand globally in all languages. We compile content of interest and translate it.


Naming: The perception of a brand or service is different in each market, which is why Tick Translations offers an independent naming study for each country, region and/or segment.
(Translation errors by international companies)