Quality Policy

The purpose of TICK TRANSLATIONS®, S.L. is to provide high-quality translation and interpretation services which are a true reflection of the expectations of each customer and the interested parties. To achieve the above, the management declares and assumes the following principles:

The final quality of the services of TICK TRANSLATIONS®, S.L. is the result of planned and systematic PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT activity conducted during the service provision cycle. The contractual and legal requirements and customer expectations are the criteria for establishing the quality standards for our products and services.
Analysis of the internal and external context to define the organization’s strategy.
Compliance with all the current legislation and regulations applicable to activities affecting quality.
Promoting internal and external awareness of the aspects affecting the quality management is a determining factor at all levels. A commitment is assumed to establish the mechanisms necessary for ensuring that the above promotion is effective.
QUALITY is a task common to all the areas of TICK TRANSLATIONS®, S.L. Therefore, each area must assume that, in turn, it is a customer and provider of the other departments and people within the internal organization. All employees of TICK TRANSLATIONS®, S.L. are responsible for the quality of their work. Said responsibility for quality also involves promoting the implementation of the policy and the established objectives consistent with said policy, verifying its execution by means of audits.
The application of the above policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of TICK TRANSLATIONS®, S.L. For this reason, the management regards MOTIVATION and TRAINING as priority goals.