Reasons why you should translate your website


Reasons why you should translate your website

Reasons why you should translate your website 560 420 Tick Translations

Did you know that 70% of Internet users prefer to browse websites in their mother tongue? Did you know that most searches on the Internet are performed in languages other than English?

Our experience in the linguistic sector has enabled us to detect certain advantages in having a multilingual website:

1. Greater competitive edge

Translating a company’s website into several languages helps it to increase its online visibility and attract potential clients from all over the world.

Although the translation and localization of a website into several languages is currently a mandatory task for companies seeking greater internationalization, there are still many companies that have yet to adapt to the new global market.

These companies are not aware that they are missing out on a significant market share that could bring them great benefits.

Firstly, depending on the sector, a company can easily differentiate itself from its competitors if it projects its image abroad. In addition, if its competitors already offer multiple languages, then it may be losing out on international clients who prefer to purchase from a company that cares about their language needs.

2. Greater client trust and loyalty

In many cultures Internet users tend to be cautious when it comes to purchasing products and services online, especially if there is no information available in their native language.  When customers go to a website in their own language, a proximity link is created and the mistrust disappears.  In addition, a website in several languages indicates that the company is interested in adapting to the needs of its potential clients.

  1. Better search engine rankings (SEO)

Customizing a website into different languages makes it more likely to appear in the top placings on search engines.  The keywords of each language should be taken into account when translating a website in order to refer to the product/service on offer. There are countries like China or Russia where search engines are internal and serve the needs of local users. A translated and localized website will occupy higher rankings on the search engines in these markets.

  1. International partner

A website in several languages demonstrates interest and concern in adapting to the global market.

A website is a company’s cover letter. In many cases, the success of the internationalization of a business project fails to materialize because it hasn’t done the translations properly or adapted them to the target country’s audience.

In a globalized world, translating your website is vital for international work and contributing to the growth of your company.

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